Welcome to Henderson, Tessier, McGuire and Smythe’s annual Christmas cocktail party at George and Buffy Smythe’s gracious Forest Hill home. 

It’s The Catering Gig From Hell.

Especially when Melanie’s ex, Nick, shows up as a guest, one of the other cater-waiters has to hide from the host and McKinley Catering starts to run out of canapes.  But Mel’s in charge and not for nothing is she known as The Catering Queen.



“If you've been yearning to see a well-made comedy again – then you ought to run, 
not walk, to the Tarragon Extra Space...

...There's both something old-fashioned and up-to-the-minute about Lawrence's play, which is one of its major charms. On one hand, you can sit back and delight at a well-written script that glides along in the sophisticated style you thought people had forgotten how to write; on the other hand, Lawrence's characters have a sexual candour and freewheeling morality that makes you gasp with how contemporary it is.”   (3 1/2 out of 4 stars)  Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

“NNNN…this fine comedy/drama...  Alison Lawrence’s script is both funny…and moving.”     Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

"(This is) a party everyone will want to attend.”  Steve Tilley, Toronto Sun

“Sometimes it's just great seeing good theatre... The writing was spot on…  this is a show not to miss.” The Torontoist

“….a wonderful story… filled with ease, wit, and charm….The audience sprang to their feet.. a show filled with everything - humour, romance, drama and a whole lot of food and wine…."     (4 ½ stars out of 5)  Theatresuite 101

 Outstanding New Play; Outstanding Ensemble  NOW Magazine

“Pick of the Fringe” Audience Choice Production

Dora Nomination for Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role: Mary Francis Moore

The Catering Queen

by Alison Lawrence

Directed by Ed Sahely

Stage Managed by Louise Kennedy (2006); Fiona Jones (2009)

Sound Design by Thomas Ryder Payne (2009)

The Catering Queen was produced at the Toronto Fringe Festival, 2006; then produced independently at the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space in 2009.

The Catering Queen starred:

Hume Baugh (2006), Dmitry Chepovetsky, Sharon Heldt, Alison Lawrence, David Macniven, Mary Francis Moore and Brian Young (2009)