Piece by Piece

16-year-old Steffie can’t leave the ICU where she lost her mum as her father drowns his grief at home. Barb is slowly losing her husband Frank as his memory dims. Frank’s doctor John can control everything in his life but his wife Jessie’s fertility.

Six people are drawn together in an urban hospital in this compelling ensemble piece about sorrow, hope and the remarkable and astonishing moments of love in times of loss.

 "interwoven stories take the audience on a path that includes loss, sadness and support, though the tragedy is balanced by moments of light and laughter. David Ferry’s clear and focused direction, aided by Stephan Droege’s clever lighting, moves the action smoothly from one scene to the next; the actors who aren’t in an episode watch it from the shadows, just outside focus."  NNN NOW Magazine

One of the "Top 5 shows to see at the Next Stage Festival 2015" BlogTO

Piece by Piece
By Alison Lawrence
Directed by David Ferry
Designed by Stephan Droege
Featuring Terrence Bryant, John Cleland, Virgilia Griffith, Mary Francis Moore and Brian Young
Stage Manager: Meredith Henry
Co-Producer: Bonnie Anderson
at the Factory Theatre Mainstage as part of the Next Stage Festival, January 2015